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Additional protection against those nasty critters in the air that haunt us all and can make us sick!

The E.A Mask aims to purify air from harmful germs, bacteria, viruses and pollen at home, with family wherever you are.  It offers 24/7 protection by releasing a small amount of ClO2 to the air you breathe. Levels way below FDA guidelines and leaving no harmful by product make EA Mask a wearable lifestype product used for safe and effective, individual protection.

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For years, chlorine dioxide has been universally recognised for its outstanding disinfectant properties and antibacterial & virucidal potency. The World Health Organisation (WHO) marks ClO2 release-rate of 0.1ppm as safe. EA Mask emits a steady rate of 0.017ppm (that’s 5 times lower than the threshold).

* Clip-on wearable
* Purifies the air around you
* Eliminates bacteria, virusses and pollen
* Patented, FDA approved, Accredited
* 1 month, 24/7 active
* Test results available upon request
* Targets tobacco smoke and unpleasant odors