We are Water

Water Pigeon Stories

“Yes, I am water”, says water pigeon.
“Clean, fresh and healthy water. And so are you

Yes, we are water! Together you and I are heavenly inspired and enlightened water. Mindfully self-thinking, miraculously self-healing. Seemingly unattached as elements and well recognized as a drop.”

“Moreover, we are transcendent water, destined to change shape and form, from element to the ocean, from mist to a cloud, from rain to rivers and lakes. We are water, building blocks of life, seemingly unattached and on our own, yet one with the ocean and the elements, the source.”

“Yes, we are water! And we flow freely, unstoppable by any and every compromising force. Water is us and as water, we remain.”

“We are water, but we allow ourselves to become ill” continues water pigeon. We allow ourselves to become cloudy and spoiled, unhealthy water. And darkly inspired we become ignorant, mindless and codependent. If we continue like this, our future water will be crippled, disabled and unable.”

And as water pigeon is dropping a tear or two, these are instantly soaked up by the roots of a lucky flower and partly drunk by a few thirsty ants, quite salty to their taste.
“We are ill and still water”, contemplates water pigeon. No longer flowing free, despite all true and promising circumstances.  
And so I call upon everyone to take a few breaths in silence.”

“We may be ill and still, but last and not least, we áre still water! Reflecting, still, yet mindfully self-thinking water. Aware and superconscious! We should simply turn things around, clean ourselves up, purify ourselves! And then drink more to heal, soak in it to reïnspire ourselves! Let’s reïnvent our water and see ourselves as we are, beings made from water. We are water beings and knowing water is knowing ourselves. We are water and we love it!”

“Yes, you and I are destined to be pure, clean, fresh and healthy water-beings. And therefore we mindfully heal, restore, inspire and enlighten ourselves as the water that we are. We purified water by the drop and heal ourselves from all and every illness, drinking it, drinking our healthy selves!”

“Yes, we are water, concludes water pigeon. Seemingly unattached and on our own, yet one with the ocean, our source. We are water and let’s not ever forget it. Because only as the water we flow freely,  unstoppable by any and every compromising force.

Water is us and as water, we remain.”

Water Pigeon

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